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Champhai Bawrhsap Dr Naveen Aggarwal, Registrar, Cooperation Deptt. hna chelh tura sawn a ni a,
Champhai Bawrhsap hna chelh tur hian Director, Transport Deptt hna chelh lai SL Naveen chu rawn dah a ni ang. Champhai DC kal chhuak turhi vawiin hian a thlahna hun hman a ni dawn a, naktuk hian Aizawl lamah a chhuk thla tawh dawn a. DC thar tur hi a nupuiin nau a neih avanga chawlh
hmang mek a nih avangin thla thar, November lamah a hna hi a rawn zawm thei dawn chauh niin thukan dawng.

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