Nimin khan UD&PA Department leh Mizoram State Co-operative Union (MSCU) tangkawp chuan UD&PA Champhai District hnuaia Self Help Group, Area Level Federation Member-te tan ni hnih awh Cooperative Management Training a buatsaih.
I&PR Auditorium, CHANEM Building-a Training neih hi Baby Lalremtluangi, Manager, S&ME chuan kaihruaiin, Mizoram State Co-operative Union (MSCU) atanga mi thiamte chuan zirtirna an pe a ni. Sawrkar ruahman angin Self Help Group-te’n zau zawk leh chak zawka hma an lak theihna tur leh an lo hlawhtlin zel theih nan District khawpui tina Self Help Group hrang hrangte chu Area Level Federation-ah chhung khawmin, heng Area Level Federation-te hi Co-operative Society-ah Registration
pek vek an ni a. Hemi atan hian UD&PA leh MSCU-te chuan District khawpuiah inzirtirna hi an kalpui mek a ni.

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