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Selam khúa Niangngaihlun Chiang kum 48 thihna chungchangah a pasal V. Thangrosiam kum 32 mi chuan a nupui hi kut a thlak ngei a ni tih Police te hmaah a puang.
V. Thangrosiam a’n Champhai Police te hnena a sawi dan chuan Zirtawpni tlai khan an nupa in zu an in a, a nupui Niangngaihlun Chiang hian thikthu avangin kut thlak hmasa in thing fakin a lu ah a vua a. Thingfak hi laksakin a nupui hi kut a thlak zui ve nghal mai niin a sawi. Hetia kut an in thlak avang hian Niangngaihlun Chiang hi an inah haw lo in a fa te Inah a riak a. Inrinni zing khan District Hospital, Champhai panpui tum a nih lai hian a pasal in kut a thlakna hliam tuar lo hian a boral ta a ni.
V. Thangrosiam hi Champhai Police te chuan manin tualthah thubuai siamsak a ni a, Thawhtanni khan District Court-ah hruai a nih hnuin lung inah khung nghal a ni.

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