AK 47 3 MAN

AK 47 3 MAN :
Champhai Police-te hian August leh September chhung khan Rukruk thubuai 11, POCSO thubuai 2 ND&PS Act ah thubuai 5, Mihring rukbo thubuai 2, Arms Act ah 1, MLPA ah thubuai 3 leh thubuai dang 6 ziak lutin thubuai 30 an ziak lut a. ND & PS Act hnuaiah hian Heroin Hawng 94, Rs Nuai 47 hu an man a, Arm Act hnuaiah Silai AK 47 3, Rs Nuai 15 hu an man bawk a. Hei bakah hian Zu litre 1270, Rs Nuai 6.3 hu an man bawk. Thla hnih chhunga Champhai Police thil man hlut zawng hi Rs. 68,35,000 a ni.

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