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African Swine Fever vangin Champhai District chhungah ni 2 chhungin Vawk 123 a thih belh leh. Pathianni khan ASF avang hian Khaw 4-ah Vawk 55 a thih belh a, Khuanglengah Vawk 28, Farkawn ah 21; Hmunhmeltha-ah 5 leh Bethelah Vawk 1 a thi a, Vawk 11 suat leh a ni. Niminah Khua leh Veng 7-ah Vawk 68 thih belh lehin Vawk 241 suat leh a ni bawk.
AH&Vety Dept chhinchhiah danin Vawk pul hri leng thar leh avang hian Champhai District chhungah Vawk 1348 an thi tawh a, Vawk 1253 suat a ni tawh bawk a.
Nikum lama Vawk thi nen Champhai District chhungah ASF vang hian Vawk 1,896 a thi tawh a ni.

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