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Khawpui fai inelna kal mek a hmalakna peng pakhat atan nimin khan UD&PA Department te chu Khankawn leh Zotlang inkar kawngpui sira bawlhhlawh te chhar faiin an hnatlang a. UD&PA Department chuan faina kawnga tan la sauh sauh turin mipuite an ngen a ni.
Hetihlai hian nimin khan bawlhhlawh paihna hmun ni lo a bawlhhlawh paih Dobuaia, 7 Star Store neitu Champhai Vengthlang chu Champhai Solid Waste Management Bye-Laws, 2020 tlawhchhanin dan angin hrem a ni a, Rs 1000/- chawi turin hriattir a ni.

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