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Champhai Bawrhsap James Lalrinchhana chuan Champhai District Sports Committee inthlan dan tur a ti chhuak.
Hriattirna chhuaha tarlan danin, District Sports Committee Office Bearer post – Sr. Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman leh Asst Secy te thlanna buatsaih tur a ni a. Inthlanna chuh turte chuan September ni 16, 2022 ral hma, ni 15 tal la awma inthlan an chuh tur thu ziakin chairman hnenah hriattir tur Champhai Bawrhsap in District Sports Committee hruaitu thlan dan tur tichhuak a ni a. Hruaitu thlanna ni September ni 16, 2020 chawhma dar 11:00 ah I&PR Auditorium-ah neih tur a ni ang.
Mizoram State Sports Council-in ruahmanna a siam dan chuan DSC Chairman-ah hian District Bawrhsapte ruatsa niin, Secretary-ah DSYO te ruat an ni. Hei hi District hrang hranga District Sports Committee awm sa te chuan duh lovin an dodal tih an lo tarlang tawh hlawm a ni

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