Behliang chi sem

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Tunlai hian Agriculture Department chuan hmun hrang hrangah  chi  Behliang  semchhuak mek.
Behliang chi hi June thla tir atang khan  pekchhuah tana ni a, Champhai District  chhung Circle hrang hrang  pariat ah te semin an fehchhuak mek a, nimin thleng khan qtl 32.5 semchhuak tawh a ni. Behliang chi semna te hi hriat theih chinah Ngopa
Circle ah 16.5 quintals, Khawzawl ah 4 quintals, Khuangleng 1 quintal, Vaphai ah 0.5 quintal, Champhai ah 2.5 quintal leh Hnahlan ah 7.5 quintal te sem chhuah tawh a ni a, sem mek zel ani bawk. Behliang chi hi Champhai khaw chhunga mite tan pawhin Agriculture Office ah dil theih reng a nia, vawiinah Khawhai circle chhung a khaw 10 velah an sem ve leh dawn a ni.

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