Chak thei ang berin Keilungliah khuah kalpui tum


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Nimin tlai lam khan NGO-CC hruaitute chuan Keilungliah Project Contractor, SS Construction neitu chu a thlenna Hotel-ah an kawm.
NGO-CC hruaitute chuan Keilungliah khuah hna thawh mek chu thla hmasa, January ni 19 khan MJA-te nen an enfiah thu leh, hna thawh a nih danah ringhlel deuh mah se, a hmuna hnathawh dan an hmuh chuan he project hi felfai taka an thawh zawh theih ngei an rin thu te Construction neitu hi an hrilh a. Construction neitu, Sama pawhin hnathawh chu an tum angin a hun takah zo thei lo mah se, kum 1 chhung hun an dil belh mek thu leh, a chak thei ang bera thawh zel an tum tih NGO-CC hruaitute hi a hrilh a. NGO- CC hruaitute hi Sama, Project Contractor, SS Construction neitu; SS Constructor leh K. Laltluanga, Project Manager-te’n an lo dawngsawng a. Keilungliah khuah hna thawk mekte chuan NGO-CC hruaitute ngen angin, chawi belh pawh huama he hna hi thawh zel an tum thu an lo hrilh ve bawk niin thu dawn a ni.

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