Champhai aiawh tur thlang

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Zirtawpni khan Champhai-ah pawh
District Level Children’s Science Congress buatsaih a ni a, he hun hi DEO leh DPC Champhai, TT Laltanpuia chuan a hawng a ni.
Science Congress hawnna hun hi H.Darhmingliana, Dy DPC(S) chuan a kaihruai a. District Level Children’s Science Congress hi kum 1993 atang khan buatsaih thin a ni a, kumin hi a vawi 28 na a ni. Champhai District-a tel tur leh District aiawha State level-a tel turin School 3 – Govt. Vengthlang Middle School, Presbyterian English School, Vengthlang leh Bethel Mission School, Champhai-te thlan chhuah an ni a. District aiawh thlante hian State Level Children’s Science Congress, March ni 3-4 a buatsaih turah District ai an awh dawn a ni.

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