Champhai DIET Result tha

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Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE)-in D.EL.ED result a tihchhuah takah DIET Champhai chuan result tha tak an nei.
MBSE chuan nimin khan D.EL.ED exam result hi tichhuakin, DIET Champhai, Zotlang chu an result a tha hle a. II Semester zirlai 43 zawng zawngte chu re-appear 2 telin an vaiin an pass vek a. IV Semester zirlai 34 zinga 26 chu re-appear 1 telin an pass bawk a. IV Semester zirlai pass zingah hian Distinction-a pass 2 awmin, I division-a pass 23 an awm a, II division-a pass 1 a awm bawkin, an pass percentage hi za zela 76.47 a ni.
Nimina MBSE-in D.EL.ED result a tih chhuahah hian Mizoram pumah II Semester exam mi 475 awmin, mi 447 an pass a; an pass percentage hi za zela 94.10 a ni. IV Semester exam hi Mizoram pumah mi 399 an awm bawk a; 321 pass-in, Distinction-ah mi 22 an pass a. I division-ah 283 pass-in, II division-ah 16 an pass a; an pass percentage hi za zela 80.45 a ni.Re-Appear exam hi mi 40 an awm bawk a, an zinga mi 35 chu pass-in, an pass percentage hi za zela 87.5 a ni a. III Semester, special-a exam mi 4 awm bawkin, mi 2 an pass a ni.

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