Champhai District ah Covid-19 vei awmlo

Nimin (4.1.2021) khan Champhai District chhunga Covid-19 hri kai awm chhun mi 2 te chuan dam takin damdawi in an chhuahsan.

Covid-19 Positive pahnih te hi  ZMC lamah enkawl niin nimin khan an taksaah Covid-19 hrik hmuh a nih tawh loh avangin dam takin ZMC hi an chhuahsan ta a ni.

Tun dinhmunah Champhai District huamchhungah Covid-19 hri vei Pathian zarah an awm hrih lo a ni. Fimkhur takin Sawrkar inkaihhruaina dan zawm chungin hun hmang thin ang che.

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