Mizoram chhunga Vawk Pul hri African Swine Fever leng thar leh tuarna ber Champhai District-ah ASF hri lengin ziaawm lam a pan zel.
Tun hnaiah Vawk pul hri hian ziaawm lam pan zelin, vawk thi a awm meuh tawh lo va. Nimin khan ASF vanga Vawk thi leh Vawk suat a awm lo va, hei hi Vawk hri len thar leh hnu, kumin February ni 4 hnua nikhat chhunga Vawk thi an awm loh hmasak ber tum a ni. February ni 4 atangin ASF leng thar leh avangin Champhai District chhungah Vawk thi a awm tan a. A tir lama Champhai khawpui chhung a luhchilh hnuah Tuipuiral tlangdung lam a luhchilh leh a. Vawk pul hri hian Khua leh veng 41 a luhchilh a, hmun 33 Vawk pul hri lenna hmunah la puan mek a ni. ASF hri len thar leh hnuah Champhai District chhungah Vawk 3839 thi tawhin, Vawk 4489 suat tawh a ni a. ASF kaihhnawih avanga Vawk thi hi 8,328 a tling tawh a, nikum lama thi nen Champhai District chhungah ASF vangin Vawk 8,876 a thi tawh a ni.

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