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Myanmar ram chhunga buaina thleng vangin Mizoramah raltlan an rawn luh belh zel.
Khuangleng YMA President Lalhmachhuana sawi danin, nimin khan Khuangleng khuaah raltlan 25 an lut thar leh a, raltlan lut tharte hi YMA Hall-ah khung hran rih phawt
an ni ang.
Tuipuiral Group YMA Secretary Challianngura sawi danin, nizan hmasa khan Vaphaiah raltlan 83 an luh belh leh a. Tun hnaiah Vaphaiah hian raltlan 184 an luh belh leh tawh a ni. Farkawnah mi 31 an luh belh leh tawh bawk a, Thekte-ah 11, Khawbungah 13 leh Sazepah 6 an luh belh bawk.
Tuipuiral Group YMA chhinchhiah danin tun hnaia raltlan rawn lut thar hi mi 495 an tling tawh a, raltlan awm tawh sa te nen Tuipuiral huam chhungah hian raltlan hi 1,900 atanga 2000 inkar vel an awm mek a. Raltlan
te hi luh belh leh hmun danga chhuak an awm deuh reng avangin a zat chiah sawi harsa tih thu dawn a ni.
Hetih lai hian Champhai khawpui chhungah pawh raltlan hi sang chuang zet an awm tawh bawk a. YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai chuan
nimin khan Tuipuiral Gr. YMA hnenah mau leh rua Rs. 30,000 man, mutbu leh thawmhnaw an hlan.

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