Champhai District-ah hri kai leh kai lo hriatna turin Sampe 14,468 endik a ni tawh.
TrueNat Lab-ah Sample 1525 leh Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Sample 11,467 endik a
ni tawh a, RTPCR ah Sample 1476 endik a ni tawh bawk.
Sample endik atanga chhutin Champhai District chhunga hri kai hmuh chhuah zat za zela 1.51 a ni a. Hri kai hi 219 hmuh chhuah tawh niin an zinga 89 chu hmun dang atanga lo lut an ni a, 130 te chu tualchhunga hri kai
hmuhchhuah an ni.
Tun dinhmunah hri kai enkawl mek 14 awmin, Covid Care Centre ah mipa 1 leh hmeichhia 2 an awm a, 4C Zokhawthar ah mipa 7 leh hmeichhia 4 enkawl mek an ni bawk. Champhai District-ah Covid 19 vanga thi 1 a awm tawh a, District mi leh sa hmun danga
thi mi 2 an awm tawh bawk.

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