Champhai Excise ten 2020 chhung khan thubuai 226 ziaklut

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Champhai Excise&Narcotics Dept.-te chuan Kum 2020 chhung khan thu buai 226 an ziak lut.
Champhai Excise&Narcotics Dept., Champhai-te chuan nikum December thla chhung khan ND&PS Act hnuaiah thu buai 6 ziak lutin, mi 7 an man a. MLP Act hnuaiah thu buai 35 ziak lutin, mi 9 an man bawk. December thla chhung khan Rakzu Litre 86.150 leh BEDC litre 25.6 an man a, Zu bilh lai Tin 149 leh Dawidim Kg 5 an man bakah, Ram dang zu um 18, Ram dang Beer um 31 leh Cane 859 an man bawk a. Apple Juice 1,968, Heroin Gram 299.95 leh Ganja Kg 1.15 an man bawk a ni.
Champhai Excise & Narcotics Dept., Champhai-te chuan nikum chhung zawng khan Rakzu Lirtre 696.4 manin, BEDC Litre 915.1, Zu bilh lai Tin 974, Dawidim Kg 8.75, Ram dang zu um 436 leh Beer Um 33, Beer Cane 4,240, Apple Juice um 2,976 leh Grape Wine Um 882 an man a. Heroin Gram 3,572, Ganja Kg 1.556 leh Metamphetamine Mum 3,49,800 an man bakah, Ruih hlo phurhna Lir thei 10 an man bawk a ni.
Kumin chhungin ND&PS Act hnuaiah thubuai 57 ziah luh ni tawhin, mi 69 man an ni tawh a. MLP Act hnuaiah thu buai 169 ziak lut tawhin, mi 58 an man tawh bawk a ni.

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