Ni 15.9.2021 (Nilaini) 6:59 pm khan Champhai atanga hmar lam 6 km (Hmunhmeltha leh N. Khawbung inkar) velah leihnuai 10 km vel a thuk atangin lir 4.3 M a na in a nghing.
A thlen dan hi thenkhat tehna atang chuan 4.5 m a na niin Champhai atanga 3 kms, leihnuai 12 kms vel a thuk atanga in tan niin an sawi bawk.
A nghin chhung hi a rei loh hlauh avangin hriat theih chinah chhiatna nasa lutuk a thlenglo nia thudawn a ni.
Mithiamte chuan lirnghing hi Mizoram hmun dangah an hriat ve vak loh avangin Localised Earthquake a nih an ring a. Localised Earthquake ah chuan Tectonic Plate chet avanga lirnghing anglo in a chetna hmun hi a zimin a che na em em thung a ni. Localised Earthquake hi leikhi che emaw Gas put vanga awm a ni deuh ber thin a ni.
Hriat theih chinah Champhai bawr a a nat ber tum niin kum lama upa zawkte chuan an sawi.

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