Champhai North MLA in Champhai Damdawiin mamawh thenkhatpe

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Nimin khan Health & Family Welfare Board Vice Chairman Dr. ZR Thiamsanga,
Champhai North Bialtu MLA chuan Champhai District chhunga Hospital hrang
hranga hman tur hmanraw hrang hrang a pe.
Dr. ZR Thiamsanga, Champhai North Bialtu MLA hian Oxygen Concentrator 11, Oxygen Cannula 160, Portable Ventilator 1, Nitrozine C Box 18, Rapid Antigen Test Kit 200, Face
Mask 20,000 leh Hand Sanitizer Litre 500 te a pe a.
Champhai North Bialtu MLA aiawhin MNF
Champhai North Block-I hruaitute’n CMO Dr. R. Lianmawia hnenah an hlan. Oxygen Concentrator, Rapid Antigen Test Kit leh
Oxygen Cannula te hi CMO in Champhai District chhunga Hospital, PHC leh CHC ah te a sem chhuak ve leh dawn a. Face Mask leh
Hand Sanitizer te hi Block hruaitute’n Champhai North A/C huam chhungah an sem
ve thung dawn a, nimin khan sem chhuah tan nghal a ni.

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