Champhai Oil leh Gas zia

Champhai District Legal Metrology leh Champhai Police tangkawp chuan Inrinni khan Champhai khawpui chhung Filling Station 3-a Oil awmte an endik bakah Mizofed Office-a Eirawngbawlna Gas an enfiah.
Endiktute hnen atanga thudawn danin Filling Station tina Oil te chu a that thawkhat bakah
Mizofed a Eirawngbawlna Gas te pawh buk a dik thawkhat bawk. Sorkar Department pahnih tangkawpte hian Mizofed Filling Station bakah mimal Filling Station pahnih te chu kalchilhin,Oil dinhmun chik takin an endik a. Tehna hmanga enfiah a nih hnuin Mizofed a Oil te chu a tha thawkhawt tih dawn a nih rualin, mimal
Filling Station pahnih RD Filling Station leh RC Filling Station-a Oil te phei chu a tha hle tih thu dawn tel ni. Mizofed Office-a Gas bur te pawh buk a nih hnuah an enfiah chinah chuan a dik thawkhat tih thu dawn tel a ni bawk.

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