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Ningani khan YMA Sub Hqrs Champhai hruaitute chuan Lok Sabha MP C. Lalrosanga an hmu.
YMA Sub Hqrs Champhai hruaitute hian Lok Sabha MP C. Lalrosanga chu a chenna in hmuin, Champhai District chhunga inbiakpawhna tha lo chungchanga hma la tur te, Zokhawthar ramri insumdawn tawnna dan pangngai anga kalpui an duh thute an thlen a. Champhai District chhung raltlante dinhmun te sawipuiin, YMA Sub-Hqrs Office Buidling tih changtlun dan turte an sawipui a ni.
MP C.Lalrosanga chuan SYMA thu thlente chu a theih ang anga bawhzui a nih tur thu a lo hrilh.

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