18th Mizoram Inter District Boxing Championship 2022 khelh zawh takah Champhai District aiawhte chuan Medal 9 an la.
Tun thla Ni 19 atang khan 18th Mizoram Inter District Boxing Championship hi Ramhlun Boxing Hall ah khelh tan a ni a. Champhai District aiawhin boxer 13 bakah coach leh manager te an kal a, mi 5 in Gold medal an la a, mi 2 in silver medal la in mi 2 in Bronze medal an la bawk.
Sub-Junior Category kg 40-42 ah Rohnuna Hmar, Tuipui chuan Silver medal a la a, kg 54-57 ah Lalmalsawmzuala, Tuipui chuan. Gold medal la in, Junior Category ah Zodinsanga Tuipui chuan kg 54-57 ah Gold Medal a la bawk. Hmeichhia Junior Category ah Lalnunthari, Tuipui chuan kg 48-50 ah Gold medal a la a, Lalnunthari hi hmeichhia best Boxer-a thlan a ni. Mipa Senior Category ah Lalenkawla, Dinthar chuan kg 54-57 ah Gold Medal a la a, Lalrinngheta, Tuipui chuan mipa Senior Category kg 57-60 ah Gold Meldal a la bawk a, Lalrinngheta hi mipa Senior Category ah Best Boxer a thlan a ni bawk. Kg 64-67 ah Tsk Fela chuan Bronze Medal a la a, Lalmalsawmzuala, Bethel chuan Challenge Bout Heavy Weight Senior Category ah Silver medal a la bawk. Lalrinngheta Tuipui leh Lalenkawla Dinthar te chu North East Sports ah Mizoram aiawha kal tura thlan an ni bawk. Champhai District aiawha kal te hi an tlem deuh avangin a pumpui a lawmman la thei zingah an lang pha ta lo a ni.

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