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๐—ญ๐—จ๐—”๐—Ÿ๐—ž๐—ข :
โ€  โ€  โ€  โ€ 

Hming : R. Zonunsanga
Kum : 38
Veng : Champhai Venglai
Thih Ni : 19.05.2021, Dar 7:00PM
Thihchhan : Thawhah
Vui hun : 20.05.2021, Dar 10:00AM
A pa : R. Kaphmingliana
A nu : Vanlalpari (fam)
A nupui : Lalthankimi
A unaute :
1. Joseph MS Dawngzela, New Hruaikawn
2. Lalrammawii, New Hruaikawn
3. Hmingthanzauva (fam)
4. Lalhruaitluangi, Champhai Venglai
5. Lalremsanga, Champhai Venglai
6. Lalremruati, Champhai Venglai
7. Gerad Lalchhanchhuaha, Champhai Venglai
8. Linda Lalngaihsaki, Champhai Venglai
A fate :
1. Lalruatfeli, New Hruaikawn
2. Lalhminghlui, New Hruaikawn
3. Ela Lalhnehsaki, New Hruaikawn

Mitthi inah hian sawrkarin SOP a siam dinglai angin Mi 30 aia tam kal phal a nilo a, a kal zawng zawng ten face mask vuah vek turin kan inngen a ni.

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