Champhai Winery hmun tlawh

Lok Sabha MP C.Lalrosanga’n Inrinni khan Champhai Tlangsama Grape Wine siamna hmun, Winery tlawhin Grape Growers’ Society te mamawh tihhlawhtlinsak a tum thu a sawi.
MP chuan India hmarchhak state zinga Winery hmun awm chhun Champhai chu Sorkar laipui hriatah a sawilan fo thu a sawi a. Kut hnathawktute’n a hralhna chiang sa a an thawhrah an seng theihna tura
Champhai Grape Growers’ Society hmalakna chu fakawm a tih thu sawiin, Winery kaltlanga kut hnathawktu mai bakah hnathawktu mi 30 te’n eizawnna an neih phah thei chu lawmawm a ti a, hma la zel turin Society hruaitute leh thawktute a chah bawk.
Champhai Grape Growers’ Society hian Tlangsam Winery-ah kum tin Grape rah Quintal 1000 -1500 an leisak thin a. Society member 143 awm mekin Tlangsam Winery hi thawktu mi 30 in an vil mek a ni.

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