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Nimin zing khan Champhai Bethel veng Village Council-te chuan an veng chhunga Pawl 10 pass tharte lawmpuina leh chawimawina hun an hmang.
He hun hi Bethel Community Hall, Chhura Hmunah buatsaih a ni a. Bethel venga Pawl 10 pass tharte chu chawimawina thilpek –
Bethel VC Award hlan niin, Distinction-a pass chinte Momento leh pawisa fai bakah, an kal zelna tur atana an tangkaipui tur lehkhabu tha hlan an ni a. 1st div., 2nd div. leh 3rd div.-a pass-te pawisa fai leh lehkhabu hlan an ni bawk. He hun hi sawm bik – Bethel Branch YMA hruaitute leh MHIP hruaitute’n hmanpuiin, VC member bakah, sawm bikte’n
zirlaite hi an kal zelna tur atan fuihna thu tha tak tak an sawi a.
Bethel VC leh YMA hian zirlaite hi theihtawp chhuahpuiin, March thla tir atanga an exam thlengin Bethel Branch YMA chuan an veng chhunga zirtirtu awmte nen tangkawpin free tuition an buatsaih a, zirlaite hi Bethel VC te’n ei leh in tur an pe thin bawk.

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