YMA Sub Hqrs Champhai leh Champhai Nature Conservancy chuan chhiat tawh nikhuaa thing tuah aia Gas hman uar a nih theihna tura hmalak ho an rel.
Nizan hmasa khan YMA Sub Hqrs Champhai Office Bearer, SYMA Champhai hnuaia Science & Environment Sub Committee leh Champhai Nature Conservancy Executive member-te chu SYMA Office-ah an thukhawm a. Thing leh mau chereu zel tur venna atan chhiat tawh nikhuaa thing tuah thin ti tlem turin thingtuah aia eirawngbawlna gas hman uar a nih theihna tur hmalak ho an rel a. Hei bakah hian ramngaw humhalh lama hmalak dan turte an sawiho bawk

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