Champhai District chhungah Covid-19 hri kai 40 hmuh chhuah belh leh a ni.
Nimin khan Rapid Antigen Test hmangin Hnahlanah hri kai mi 18 hmuh chhuah a ni a, Kahrawtah 4, Hmunhmeltha, Bethel, Kanan leh Sesihah mi 3 theuh hmuh chhuah a ni a. Vengsangah mi 2 leh Electric Veng, New Champhai, Vengthlang leh Zotlangah te pakhat theuh hmuh chhuah a ni bawk.
Nizan hmasa khan TrueNat hmangin hri kai mi 33 hmuh chhuah belh leh a ni a. Zotlangah 17, Kanan vengah 13, Vengthlang North-ah 2 leh Kahrawtah pakhat hmuh chhuah an ni.
Heti hian Champhai District chhunga hri kai hmuh chhuah chu 4,423 an tling tawh a, October thla ni 14 chhungin hri kai hi 1,133 hmuh chhuah an ni tawh a.
Hri vei 3,708 enkawl dam tawh an ni a, enkawl dam zat hi hri kai hmuh chhuah atanga chhutin za zela 83.83 a ni a. Hri vei enkawl lai hi 710 an la awm mek a, hri vanga nunna chan hi mi 5 awm tawhin, Champhai district mi leh sa hmun danga hri vanga nunna chan hi mi 5 an awm tawh bawk.

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