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Nimin khan Champhai District Disaster Management Committee chu Addl DC Pu Alexander V Chongthu hovin DC Conference Hall Keifangtlangah an thukhawm.
Meeting-ah hian 1st Battalion National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in August 26 – Sept 1, 2019 chhunga programme Champhaia rawn neih an tum changchang thlirho a ni a. Chhiatrupna thlen thulha chetlak dan tur chungchang zirhona hi August ni 26 chawhmaah Department Officials leh Champhai khawpui chhunga High School zirtirtu mi pahnih zel tan Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall- ah neih  ni se August  ni 26 chawhnuah GM Higher Secondary School ah neih nise tih a ni a. Meeting-in a Ruahman dan chuan August ni 27-ah Einstein Higher Secondary School, Champhai South Higher Secondary School leh Champhai Higher Secondary School zirlaiten  Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah an nei ang a. August ni 28-ah Govt Champhai College zirlaite tan Govt Champhai College Multipurpose Hall-ah neih ani ve leh ang a. August ni 29-ah Police-te tan Champhai Police Station-ah neih niin,  August ni 30 ah I&PR Auditorium-ah NGO te tan Awareness hi neih  tur  a ni ang.

NDRF te kaihhruinain kum 2017 khan Champhaiah  Chhiatrupna thlen thulh a chet lak dan tur hrang hrang zirho a lo ni tawh a. Tun  tumah hian NDRF atangin mi 15 an lo kal dawn a ni.

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