District Court rawktu chungthu rel

Nimin khan Lalrochami Ralte, Chief Judicial Magistrate, Champhai chuan kum 2019 October thla a District Court rawk a, Case record leh File pawimawh hrang hrang lachhuak a, halraltu Lalpekhlua s/o Hramliana, North Khawbung hremna tur a puang.

Building kawngkhar tichhia a thil a ruk avangin kum 3 tang tur leh, a thilruk chhuahte a halral avangin thla 10 tan bakah Rs.5000 chawi turin a ti a, a pawisa chawi tur hi a pek theih loh chuan thla 2 a tan belh ang a, tuna a lo tan tawh sa chu chhiar zawm sak a ni ang. Thiltisualtu Lalpekhlua hi thla hmasa lam khan Court Canteen a rawk avangin kum 2 chhung tang tura hremna lo tichhuah tawh a ni bawk.
Lalpekhlua hremna chungchangah hian Sawrkar ukil lam chuan hremna sang ber pek a phut a, ama Ukil lam chuan ngaihhnathiamna sang ber an dil thung a.
Lalpekhlua hian Court-ah thubuai engemawzat lo nei tawh thinin, tuna Court a rawk hma pawh hian Champhai Court hi lo rawk tawh a, Ruihhlo thahnem tak lachhuakin hemi avang hian hremna pawh pek a lo ni tawh a ni.

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