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Zirtawpni khan District High School Sports neih tur chungchang rel in thutkhawm a
ni. He hun hi DEO Office-ah neih niin, C. Hualrikhuma, Organising Chairman chuana kaihhruai.
Tun thla Ni 24 chawhma Dar 10:00 ah District High School Sports hi Chhangphut Field ah hawnna hun hman a ni ang a, DSYO in khuallian niin a hmanpui ang. Hawnna hunah hian Champhai District chhunga school hrang hrangte chu tel kim tura beisei an ni. He hunah hian kalkhawm te chu Sports Descipline hrang hrang-Athletics, Judo, Boxing, Volleyball leh
Football ah te chanvo insem nghal in Discipline tina -chanvo neitu te hian District
Sports a tel school tin aiawh player te chu lo zirchiang nghal zel in, October ni 22 atanga ni 25 chhunga Kolasiba Mizoram School Games lo awm tura Champhai District aiawha kal tur an lo thlangchhuak nghal zel dawn a ni.
Volleyball leh Football Mipa leh hmeichhia a tel tur chuan ni 19 ral hma in Organising Committee hnenah inhriattir turin Committee chuan a ngen a ni.

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