District Library

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January thla atanga June thla chhung khan District Library ah member inziaklut thar 23 an awma, tlawhtu mi 445 awmin lehkhabu 100 a thleng thar bawk. Kumin January thla atanga June thla chhung khan District Library ah Member inziaklut thar puitling 19 leh naupang 4 te awmin member 23 an inziaklut thar a, tun dinhmunah member awm hi puitling 1629 leh naupang 224 niin, member 1853 anawm mek a ni. Lehkhabu thleng thar hi 460 awmin tlawhtu mi 2300 an awm
a, tun dinhmuna lehkhabu awm zawng zawng hi 29,732 niin tualchhung chanchinbu 5 leh mizo tawnga ziak magazine 4 a awm mek bawk.

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