District tan Seminar nei

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Nimin khan Mizoram State Pharmacy Council buatsaihin Supervising Pharmacists Champhai
District tan Seminar neih a ni.
He seminar 1&PR Conference Hall, CHANEM Building-a neih, Champhai District chhunga
Pharmacist te tana buatsaih hi Lalsawma, President, MSPC chuan a kahruai a, Registered
Pharmacist dawr enkawltute tan damdawi dawr enkawl dan leh damdawi vawnhim chungchang te zirtir an ni a, He hunah hian Uses & Implementation of Phar-macists Manual, Regulation of Mizoram State Pharmacy Council leh Role of Pharmacists on Drug store Management te zirho niin Dr. H. Lalhlenmawia, Vice President MSPC in kalkhawmte a zirtir a ni.
He Seminar ah hian Lalbiakremi Fanai, Registrar MSPC leh Lalbiakhnuna Ngente, Secretary, MPA Sub Hqrs Champhai hnen atangin report ngaihthlak a ni bawk.

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