Champhai District Draft Electoral Rolls, thar ber chu Election Officer Lalnunfela Chawngthu chuan nimin chawhma khan DC Conference Hall-ah tlangzarhin, Political party aiawhte hnenah Draft E-Rolls, 2022 tlangzarh copy khat theuh sem chhuah a ni.
Election Officer Lalnunfela Chawngthu chuan, Vote nei thar tura dilna, paih, insawn leh tul dang siamthat ngaite chu November ni 15, 2021 thleng bialtu BLO leh Voter Helpline Application-ah te ngaihven tura chahin, November ni 16 atangin hearing kalpui tan tum a ni, a ti a. November ni 15 hnu lama dilna lut, mahni veng/khua a hearing nang hman lote chuan District Election Office-ah hearing an nei thei ang, a ti.
Champhai District chhunga Assembly Constituency 3-ah vote nei mi 54,117 (mipa 26,521 leh hmeichhia 27,656) an awm a; mipa vote nei aiin hmeichhe vote nei hi 1,135 in an tam zawk a ni.
Service voter 449 (mipa vek) an awm bawk a ni. Assembly Constituency zingah 24-Champhai South A/C ah vote nei 19,622 (mipa 9,435 leh hmeichhia 10,187) awmin an tam ber a. 23-Champhai North A/C in dawtin
vote nei 19,226 (mipa 9,365 leh hmeichhia 9,861) awmin an dawt a. 25-E.Tuipui A/C-ah vote nei 15,329 (mipa 7,721 leh hmeichhia 7,608) awmin vote nei awm tlem ber a ni.
Kumin January ni 20 a Final E/Rolls, 2021 tlangzarh (voter 54,227) nena khaikhinin nimina tlangzarh Draft E/Rolls, 2022 (voter 54,117) ah hian vote nei zat 50 (-0.9%) in a kiam a. Continuous updation kaltlanga dilna lut 55 pawm a ni a, awm nawn 9 leh insawn 83 te paih niin, paih zat hi a vaiin 92 a ni.
Electoral Roll ennawn kalpui mekah kum hmasa aia nasain Birth Certificate, Voter’s ID leh document dang diklo leh a lem siam thin chhuichhuah kawngah tanlak tum a a ni a. District Election Office, District Research Office leh Police ten document lem leh diklo zawnchhuah beihpui an thlak dawn a, dan bawhchhia man chhuah chu hrem an ni ang.

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