Champhai District chhungah hridanna dose 1,27,880 pek chhuah a ni tawh.
Champhai District-ah Covid 19 hridanna pek chhuah chhunzawm zel a ni a, nimin thleng khan hridanna dose 1-na hi mi 72,481 pe tawh in, dose kima la tawh hi 55,399 an awm tawh a.
Hridanna dose 1-na la atanga chhutin za zela 76.43 te’n dose kimin an la tawh a ni. Health Care Worker dose-1 na la tawh 1089 zinga 1040 te chuan dose kimin an la tawh a. Frontline Worker dose 1-na la tawh 1694 zinga 1609 te’n dose kimin an la tawh bawk a. Kum 18 atanga kum 44 inkar dose 1-na la tawh 43,371 zinga 29,021 te chuan dose kimin an la tawh a. Kum 45 leh 59 inkar dose 1-na la hi 13,056 awmin dose kima la hi 13,807 an awm a. Dose kima la an tawm zawkna chhan hi district danga dose 1-na la,
Champhai District-a dose 2-na la zui leh an awm vang a ni. Kum 60 chunglama dose 1-na la 13,271 zinga 9,922 te’n dose kimin an la tawh bawk a. Champhai District chhunga raltlan te a theih ang angin hridanna hi pek an ni bawk.
Mizoram chhungah hridanna hi 12,10,714 pek an ni tawh a, mi 5,14,855 te’n dose kimin an la tawh a; Dose 1-na chauh la hi 6,95,859 an awm mek.

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