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Environment, Forest & Climate Change Minister, TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan nimin chawhnu khan Champhai Bethel Venga Conservator of Forest (Eastern Circle) Office sakna tur hmunhma a en.
Eastern Circle (CF) office sakna tur chungchanga hmalakna te peih fel ni tawhin, hun remchang hmasaah lung phum tum a ni a. Building sak chhunga Office atana hman lailawk turin, tuna R.O quarters hman mek emaw, Vengthara Forest Rest House chu cheibawl tura ruahmanna siam a nih thu EF&CC Minister chuan a sawi a. Minister hi Lalduhthlana, DFO leh khawtlang hruaituten an tawiawm a ni.
Champhaia cham mek EF&CC Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga hian nimin chawhnu lam khan Champhai Holy Cross School building-a raltlan awm mek te tlawhin, Minister chuan thlamuang taka Mizorama awm turin a chah a ni.

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