Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Minister Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan nimin chawhnu khan Champhai Bethel Veng a EF&CC Complex a Conservator of Forest Eastern Circle Office a tlawh.
Nilaini atanga kal tan Conservator of Forest, Eastern Circle Office chu a hmunah hmuhpuiin hmachhawp te a enfiah a. Minister hi Pu RK Singh, IFS, PCCF; Upali, IFS, Conservator of Forest; Pu Lalduhthlana, DFO, Champhai; Pi Lawmnapari, WFO, Wildlife, Khawzawl; Pu C. Lalkhawthanga, DFO, N. Vanlaiphai leh thawktu dangten an lo dawng sawng a ni.
Minister hian thlathar October 2022 a Diocese Catholic Hmeichhe Pawl Inkhawmpui thlenna tur Parish Hall, Bethel, Chhura Hmun a an inpuahchahna kalpui mek a tlawh a, hotute a kawm bawk.
Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga, Minister, EF&CC chuan Sawrkar laipui Environment, Forest & Climate Change  Minister Bhupender Yadav-a hova Forest Minister leh Dept. hotute intawh khawmna Gujarat a neih tur chungchang inrawnkhawmna biakhmuhtheihna kaltlanga neih chu National Informatics Centre, DC Office, Keifangtlang atangin a zawm nghal bawk a ni.

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