Electoral Roll Observer in Champhai tlawh

Champhai District-a Electoral Roll ennawn kalpui mekah E/Roll-a luh dilna 772, paih dilna 170, siam that dilna 182 leh insawn dilna 60 lut chinfel a ni tawh.
Hei hi nimina Electoral Roll Observer R. Zarzosanga, IAS, Secretary, Land Revenue & Settlement ho a Special Summary of Photo Electoral Roll 2021
kalpui mek chungchang sawihona leh inrawnkhawmna DC Conference Hall-a neihah tarlan a ni a.
R.Zarzosanga chuan Special Summary of Photo Electoral Roll 2021 kalpui mek tluang leh felfai taka kalpui a nih theihna tura enfiah tura ECI in a ruatna bawhzui a nih thu sawiin, zawhna leh rawtna thlen duh tan a inhawng reng tih a sawi a.
Electoral Roll felfai tak neih a nih theihna turin ECI in theihtawp chhuaha tan a lak thin thu sawiin, Electoral Roll felfai leh hrisel neih theihna kawngah Political party leh NGO te tawiawmna a pawimawh tih a sawi bawk.
District Election Officer Maria CT Zuali, Champhai Bawrhsap chuan, ramri depa awm Champhai district-ah Electoral Roll ennawn chu fimkhur leh uluk taka kalpui a ngai tih sawiin, Voter’s ID chu document. rintlak leh hman tlanglawn tak. a nih avangin a siam kawngah. uluk lehzuala hmalak a ngai a ni, a ti a. Birth Certificate leh document pawimawh dangte a lem siam manchhuah an awm thin thu leh dan anga na taka hrem thin an ni tih sawiin, district administration chuan document lem siam leh hmangte chhuichhuaka an chungah dan anga hremna lek zel a ni dawn tih a sawi bawk.
Lalnunfela Chawngthu, Election Officer, Champhai District chuan, Hearing neihna khua a lo awm remchang lote tan pawh pan mai theih reng an ni tih a sawi a. Document lem siamchawp dapchhuah kawngah DRO Office, Champhai nen nasa taka hmalak a ni a, nikumah document lem 52 an man a, dan ang a hmalak a nih thu a sawi a.
Kuminah pawh document lem siamchawp dapchhuah kawngah uluk takin hma an la chhunzawm zel dawn tih a sawi bawk.

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