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October thla chhung khan Champhai Excise & Narcotics Staff-te chuan ND&PS Act hnuaiah thubuai 10 an ziak lut.
Champhai Excise & Narcotics Staff-te hian
ND&PS Act hnuaiah thubuai 10 ziak lutin mi 10 bawk an man a. Heroin Gram 283.8
an man a, Alprazolam tablet 90 an man bawk. MLPC Act hnuaiah thubuai 22 ziak lutin mi 16 an man a, Rakzu litre 169.750 an man a,

Ram dang zu um 74 an man a. Ram dang Beer canned 29 leh Apple Juice um 2640 an man a, Ram dang mi pakhat an man bawk.

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