Fai inelna buatsaih

New Champhai Branch MHIP-te
chuan November ni 1 atanga tanin
an veng chhungah fai inelna an
buatsaih a. Fai inelnaah hian chhungkua leh in leh lo a zirin
tehfung an siam a, chhungkaw faiah
chhungkaw 5 thlang chhuakin,
chhungkaw fai berah Zaneihnguri-te chhungkua thlan an ni a, Pahnihnaah Vanlalramzauvi-te chhung thlangin, Pathumnaah Lalbiakdiki-te chhung an thlang a; Palinaah Vungzaliani-te chhung, Panganaah Lalthari Hmar-te
chhung an thlang a, lawmman an
pe theuh a ni.

New Champhai chhungkaw fai

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