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African Swine Fever hri leng vangin Champhai District chhungah Vawk 43 a thih belh leh.
Nimin khan hmun 5-ah Vawk thi hi awmin, Leisenzo leh Bungzungah 13 ve ve a thi a. Khuangthingah 9, Sesihah 7 leh Dintharah pakhat a thi a. Vawk 6 suat belh leh niin, Bungzung leh Thekpuiah Vawk 3 ve ve suat a ni.
Champhai District chhungah African Swine Fever leng thar leh tuar nasa ber, Farkawnah chuan Vawk 859 thi tawhin Vawk 1806 suat a ni tawh a. Farkawna ASF kaihhnawiha Vawk thi hi 2,668 a tling tawh a. Champhai District chhungah ASF hri leng vanga Vawk thi za zela 34.94 chu Farkawn khuaa mi a ni.
Champhai khawpui chhunga Vawk hri leng tuar nasa ber Hmunhmelthaah chuan Vawk 270 thi tawhin, Vawk 218 suat a ni tawh bawk. Heti hian Champhai District chhungah African Swine Fever vangin Vawk 3635 an thi tawh a, Vawk 4000 suat tawh niin, ASF kaihhnawiha Vawk thi hi 7635 a tling tawh a ni. ASF hri leng thar hian Champhai District chhunga khua leh veng 40 luh chilh tawhin, hmun 29 chu vawk hri lenna hmunah puan mek a ni.

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