Thawhtanni khan DC Conference Hall Champhaiah 2nd Quarter leh a vawihnihna atan FOCUS District Level Consultative Committee chu DC Chairman-na hnuaiah neih a ni.
Committee hian FOCUS Vety Sector hnuaia mi tho, Progressive Farmer 18, Vety Dept in a lo thlan tawhte chu pawm nghal a. Heng loneitute hi a hranpaa training pek leh tur an ni a, anni hi Champhai district chhunga vawk vulh tur pechhuak thei tura ngaih an ni bawk. He committee hian District chhunga sial 1609 vulhna khaw 10 thlan chhuahte chu pawm bawkin, sial tlatna tur te, an awmkhawmna turte leh an tui tlan tur te ruahmansak a ni ang.
Hei bakah hian nimin khan Village Level Worker, Champhai Circle, Hnahlan, Khuangleng leh Vaphai Circle a mi te chu District Project Manager, DAO ni bawk  George Lalthanngura kaihhruaiin Micro Plan
chungchangah training pek nghal an ni a. FOCUS District Management Unit, Champhai-a Technical officer ten zirtirna an pe a. Micro Plan chungchang hi Khawzawl leh Kawlkulh circle-ah te vawiin hian
training neih chhunzawm tur niin, naktukah Ngopa Circle-ah an nei leh ang.

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