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Independence Day Football Tournament chu nimin khan Chhangphut Field-ah khelh chhunzawm leh a ni.
Nimin inkhel hmasa berah Dinthar FC leh TMFC Melbuk inkhelin Dinthar FC in si 1 faiin hnehna an chang a, Venglai FC leh Rabung FC inkhelin Venglai FC in 3-1 in hnehna an chang. Inkhel hnuhnung berah Vengthlang FC chuan Ist Bn. MAP Academy chu 3-1 in an hneh.
Vawiin hian inkhel chhunzawm leh a ni ang a, inkhel hmasa ber dar 9-ah Somato FCHnahlan leh FC Vengthlang North an inkhel ang a, Dar 11:00 ah Rabung FC leh Zotlang FC an inkhel ang a, Dar 1:00 ah TMFC Melbuk leh Bethel FC an inkhel ang a, inkhel hnuhnung ber Dar 3:00 ah Vengthlang

FC leh Venglai FC an inkhel bawk ang.

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