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Independence Day Football Tournament chu karleh Thawhtanni  atang khian khelh tan a ni dawn.
Tun tum hian 1st Division leh Zone FA Champion te bakah Aizawl 1st div team 2 te sawm an ni a. Nikum ah Aizawl FC Academy te an lo tel tawh bawk. 1st div team thenkhat chuan  practice an  kalpui tan mek a, Tournament ah hian team 10 an tel dawn a.
Venglai FC, Bethel FC, Zotlang FC, FC Vengthlang North, Vengthlang FC, TMFC, Rabung FC, Samoto FC, 1st MAP Academy leh Aizawl Dinthar FC te an tel dawn a. Heng Team 10 te hi Group A leh B ah then hrangin Pool Match an khel phawt dawn a ni.

I-Day Football Tournament tel turte tan vawiin hian Manager meeting koh a ni. 

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