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Forest Quarters luah tawh loh chu Zirtawpni kalta zanlai dar 12 vel khan a chhan hriat lohin a kangral.
Forest Quarters kang ta hi Pi Lalrokhumi Bethel veng te luah thin niin, Forest quarters hi sak that a nih dawn avangin insawn chhuah tir an ni a. An bungraw tam zawk chu an la chhuak tawh a, an la lakchhuah loh an bungraw thenkhat te chu kangmei chhuakah hian a kangral vek a. In kang bul hnaia awm Eeco Van pakhat pawh kangmei chhuak hian a hliau hmelhem hman a. In kangral ta leh a chhunga bungraw kangral ta te hlut zawng hi ₹ 1,58,000 hu ni-a chhut a ni.

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