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BSNL Company chuan Central Scheme hnuaia khaw tina wifi a thlawna pek tur chu an kalpui mek a. Champhai District-ah pawh wifi a thlawna mipui hman tur hi buaipui ‘mek niin, khaw thenkhatah chuan hnathawh mek a ni a, Champhai khaw chhung thenkhat leh khaw veng pawn lamah te an vuah mek ani. Champhai leh Khawzawl District chhunga khaw 20 velah wifi hi vuah turin hma lak mek a ni a, December thla ah tun aia tam zawk a rawn chhuak leh ang a, kum tharah chuan khaw thenkhatah wifi hi hman theih tura ruahmanna kalpui mek a ni.

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