Nimin khan Sub Hqrs. YMA Champhai Executive Committee vawi 6-na neih a ni.
Sub Hqrs. YMA Champhai Executive Committee hi Sub Hqrs. YMA Champhai Office, Tlangrawt-ah President Pu F. Lalrinmuana kaihhruaiin neih a ni a. Committee chuan YMA Gen. Conference vawi 73-na Aizawl khawpui chhunga neih tur chungchang rel niin Central Co-ordination
Committee (CEC)-in kal tur chin a bituk zat atanga Branch YMA te kal theuh nise an ti a. Ambulance thar an dawn chu 1KM-ah Rs. 60/- anga tlan nise tiin an rel bawk.
Champhai DC atanga Ganja suat tura ngenna chu Sub Hqrs. YMA Champhai huamchhungah December ni 20 ral hmain mahni branch remchan hunah Ganja suat
hnatlang hi neih nise tiin an rel bawk a. Heng bakah hian Champhai tuitlan hnar chu remchang hmasa berah thianfai a hnatlang neih nise
tiin an rel bawk a ni.

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