Gas buktlinglo man

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November Ni 27, 2020 (Zirtawpni) khan Legal Metrology Enforcement Staff Champhaite chuan an tih dan thin pangngai angin M/s Mizofed Gas Agency, Champhaia dah tur eirawngbawlna Gas thlengte chu endikin buk tlinglo bur 20 an hmuchhuak. Truck AS/24/C-2702 hmanga Gas rawn phurhthlente chu uluk taka endik anih hnuah Gas bur rawn phurh 306 zinga bur 20 te chu buk a tlinglo tih hmuhchhuah a nih avangin dan anga hmalak nghal a ni. Gas phurtu truck driver Abdul Khalik Laskar, Silchar chungah Legal Metrology Act, 2009   hmangin hremna lekkawh nghal a ni.

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