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Champhai Growers’ Society chuan Champhai Tlangsam Winery-a Wine siamna Grape turin Champhai leh a chheh vela Grape chingtute Grape thar chhuah leisak chhunzawm zelin, nimin thleng khan Grape Quintal 777.33 an leisak tawh.
Heng grape rah an leite hi Grape chingtu mi 86 te thar chhuah a niin, Grape rah hi KG khat Cheng 50 zelin an leisak a. Mimal Grape rah hralh hnem ber chu HS Vanlalfakzuala, Champhai Vengthlang
niin, Kg 9380.1l a hralh tawh a. C.Zohmingliana, Champhai Vengsang in Kg 4439 a hralh a,
Lianthuama, Ngurin Kg 3733.6a hralh thung a.
Lalrotluanga, Champhai Vengsangin Kg 3654.3
hralhin, R.Vanlahruaia, Champhai Vengsangin
Kg 3400 hralhin, heng mite hi Grape rah hralh
zinga a hralh hnem zual 5 te an a ni. CGGS hian
Tlangsam Winery atang, hian Zowine, Champ-
wine leh Zawlaidi siam chhuakin, Mizoram
hmun hrang hrang leh State pawn thlengin an
hralh chhuak thin a ni.

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