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Nizan hmasa khan Tuipuiral Group YMA hruaitute chuan YMA Sub-Hqrs Champhai Conference 2020-a neihna tur Khuangthing Branch-te hmalakna an thlirpui.
Khuangthinga Organising Committee te nen an hmalaknaa harsatna an neihte an thlir pui a. Group YMA hruaitute chuan a tul anga hmalakpui an inhuamthu hrilhin, Zawlsei leh Khuangthing inkar PMGSY Road
SYMA Conference hmaa siam tha hman ngei tura PWD hotute biaka umzui zel ni se, an ti a. Tui leh Pandal
siam dan tur chungchangan harsatna an neihte pawh hmalak zui zel dan tur an sawi ho.

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