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District Level Centre for Women Champhaiah thubuai 35 ziah luh a ni tawh.
District Level Centre for Women hi kum 2019 atangin Champhaiah kalpui tan niin, Inrinni thleng khan Hmeichhe chunga hleilenna thleng chungchang thubuai 35 ziah luh a ni tawh a. Protection Officer K.Lalrinfimi, Women Welfare Officer ni bawk sawi danin thubuai an hnena lut, thubuai ziak lut lova chin fel thahnem tak a awm bawk.
Hmeichhia, harsatna emaw hleilenna emaw an chunga thlengte zualkona tur hian District Level Centre for Women (Mahila Shakti Kender) hi DC Office, Keifangtlangah a awm a. Sawrkar hnuaia Hmeichhe tana scheme leh Policy hre chiang duh tan buak theih reng an ni. Hmeichhiate tan One Stop Convergent Support services pek a tum ber a nih avangin Hmeichhia puihna mamawhte tan pan emaw biakpawh emaw theih rengin an awm bawk.
District Level Centre for Women hnuaiah hian Hmeichhe tan bik Home pahnih siam a ni a, Hmeichhia, chhungte tihduhdah tuar emaw nupa
inthen avanga awmna tur nei lo te emaw tana awmna tur Swadhar Greh leh One Stop Centre-te a awm a, Swadhar Greh-ah hian mi 4 an awm mek.

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