Hmeithai In sak sak


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Tlangsam lirthei neitu pawl chuan hmeithai In an sak sak a. Hmeithai amah chauha awm niin, a in ding lai chu thiatin inthar hlak sak a ni a. In sakna hmanrua, Cement chu Tlangsam VC in an tumsak tih loh chu Tlangsam Motor Owners’ Association hian an pawl pawisaa leiin an tum vek a. Hri leng avanga sawrkarin inkaihhruaina a siam bawhchhe lo zawngin In sa hian TMOA Member te hi a inchhawkin an hnatlang a. In hi a dung Feet 18 leh a avang Feet 12 a zau, Assam type-in an sa a, nimin khan in hi an khawr pum thei a ni.

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